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Brian Chambers is a published artist that has explored different mediums of art and has found his main focus to be the art of Tattooing. 

His passion for art comes from comic book illustration and anime in his adolescences, later growing into digital design, animation and oil painting. Brian began tattooing in 2009. His distinctive personal tattoo style showcases muted realistic palettes, touches of bright colors, and a strong illustrational foundation.


Brian is currently building a body of work that is inspired by the Edo period in Japan; traditional Japanese tattooing that tells a story, merging with the culture and art from today. He selecting clients that would like you to be apart of that journey.


Brian has had the opportunity to travel around the country participating in Tattoo Conventions and receiving awards over the years. He appreciates being around other artists and frequently attends tattoo & painting seminars as he strives to push his tattooing to new heights. You can view his work below or on Instagram @brianchamberstattoo - maybe you’ll even see it walking around in the world!

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