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TATTOO ARTIST: jolie travers

Hello, I'm Jolie Travers, a transplant from Reno. I initially moved to Nevada for school and have now been living here for 7 years. After exploring various career paths, I have discovered my passion for tattooing. Learning the art of tattooing has been one of the most challenging endeavors in my life, and as a dedicated tattoo artist, I continuously strive to expand my knowledge.

Since April 2022, I have been proudly working at Reno Tattoo Co., fully immersing myself in the tattoo industry. While I am well-versed in traditional tattooing styles, I am always seeking new challenges. Currently, I am open to taking on small to medium-sized projects. Feel free to share your ideas with me, and let's get you booked!

Thank you for taking the time to consider my work, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


You can view her work below or on Instagram @jolieetattoo. For tattoo inquiries fill out a consult form here, or email at for additional questions

for directions and info click here.

Tattoo Inquirt Anchor- Jolie
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